Facebook knows how to track you using the dust on your camera lens

But why worry? They say they're not doing it for real.

Age discrimination is real

If you're over 50, you're likely to face age discrimination. I'm over 50.

Tolstoy's aim in War and Peace

The epic novel unmasked "the official and self-serving mythical version of men and their works." Important work that's always necessary and never ends.

Abdominal tuberculosis

I didn't know tuberculosis could occur outside the lungs.

Chekhov on judges, police officers, and doctors

Journalists grow callous for the same reasons.

The racist history of cartoons


Bias against research from low-income countries

A former BMJ editor says -- surprise, surprise -- that bias extends to research from low-income countries.

Tattooed horse groom, circa 1886

I've never been a fan of tattoos, but this is something to behold.

How baseball came to Cuba

Fordham University shares the blame for the spread of baseball.

The late Shelby Foote: rape is 'a celebration'

A folksy facade can mask a retrograde mind.